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Monte Carlo Particle Lists

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You can use the tar.gz, zip or github links to download the latest MCPL distribution. But take note that if you are a user of McStas, McXtrace or the ESS-dgcode framework, you likely already have MCPL available through the framework you are using.

After downloading the MCPL tar-ball or zip-file, unpack it somewhere and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file for how to proceed to build and install using either CMake (to build everything including examples) or a simple Makefile or compilation command (to build just “fat” versions of mcpltool, ssw2mcpl and mcpl2ssw executables). Additional information can also be found in the MCPL paper (section 2.5).

To start playing around with the mcpltool, we also provide a small sample MCPL file with the distribution: example.mcpl.